Thursday, 25 April 2013

stuff on kerboodle to do for revision

any of the questions can be printed and completed for us to go through in the lesson- bring them in and I will check them through with you.

LUNGS:Breathing animation
Lungs – chapter 4 exam style questions
Lungs extension questions

Cardiac cycle animation
Analysis of the cardiac cycle- extension revision
Heart and heart disease quiz
Heart- chapter 5 exam style questions
The question pack from the lesson

Humoral response animation
Maths skills- antibodies in the blood
HSW vaccines & society
Immunity quiz
Chapter 6 immunity exam style questions

UNIT 1 exam style questions- i suggest you all have a go at these

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

group presentations/ quizzes/ activities for unit 1

We will do these presentations/ quizzes/ activities will be done on tuesday 30th April

Email me any work you need to print/ photocopy

·      Disease- Henry, Ellie & Ben
·      Digestion
·      Cells- sarah, Jordan & lucy
·      The heart- martha maddie
·      The lungs- nanki & abi
·      Immunology- Ahsan, Mawada & Maisha

If anyone wants to do one on digestion let me know

Disease independent work

1.Disease podcast
2.Disease- test yourself
3.Disease exam-style questions
4.Maths skills- counting bacteria using standard form
5.Maths skills- scatter diagrams
6.Bacteria & virus animation
7.HSW revision activity (heart disease)
8.Disease exam questions from the lesson
Bring me any work that you complete

revision schedule

Week 1- disease
Week 2- cells (+effect of human activity on biodiversity presentations)- unit 2 progress retake
Week 3- the heart & lungs
Week 4- digestion & immunology